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Insert ball bearing unit is consisted of a double sealed, single row bearing and one of various types of housings (cast iron or stamping steel housing).

Bearing units structure

The outer ring of the selfcontained ball bearing in ground to a sphere, and the bore of housing in machined to a matching radius, This permits self-aligning between the two members. Following figure is a view of a Pillow Black which is the most popular type of Insert Ball Bearing Units with set screw locking. The bearing units have various types of perfect sealing devices and can operate satisfactorily under hard working conditions, especially for machines operated in dustry or muddy surroundings. Thus, they are widely used in agricultural machinery, construction machinery, textile machinery, food stuff machinery and conveying devices, etc.


        1. When the fit between bearing and housing is clearance fit, the bearing's outer ring has anti-rotation ball (pin).

        2.Two set screws on the wide inner ring at 120 or 62 degrees apart.

        3.Usually, the outer ring of theXLB bearings has grease groove, bearings having no grease groove are to be provided,too.

The features of products

Rational self-alignment

     The outside diameter of the self-contained bearing is spherical to match corresponding spherical inside diameter of the housing providing self-aligning between these two members, which compensates for misalignments of the units resulted from errors in mounting and distorting of the foundation.

Large load carrying capacity

       Being the same as 6200 and 6300 series single row deep groove ball bearings in internal construction of the self-contained bearings, Insert Ball Bearing Units can substain radial loads and substain thrust loads as well. And they are low noise during operating.

Longer service life

Insert Ball Bearing Units are often used in severe operating conditions where they are exposed to dirts, moisture and high temperature, and in such applications, the grease inside the set-contained bearing deteriorates in a short time. It is required that relubricate the units at suitable intervals so as to replace deteriorating grease with fresh grease. Insert ball bearing units with cast iron housings are all relubricable types equipped with grease fittings to secure full performance and longer service lift of the units under any operating conditions. 

Efficent sealing

We can provide several types of sealings as follows:

1, RS+SLINGER type: The SLINGER is fixed to inner ring, rubber seal is fixed to outer ring. The rubber seal and inner ring can form standard torque contact sealing. This combination of two sealing elements can provide an effective barrier against the entrance of foreign matter, such as mud¡¢dust¡¢vapour, and the leakage of grease to keep the bearing in good working. As shown in the figure 1.
2, Tripe-lips type: the metal shield with long triple rubber lips has considerable large torque and good sealing. This is suitable for agricultrural mechinary at bad surroundings. As shown in the figure 2.

3,RST type: It covers the functions of both shield and seal. The rubber lip and inner ring form standard torque contact sealing, these can provide an effective barrier against the entrance of foreign matter such as mud¡¢dust¡¢vapour and leakage of grease. As shown in the figure 3.

Solid housing

The cast iron horsing is of solid one-piece construction to provide maximum rigidity against deformation at mounting and wear resistance to any operating conditions.

Bearing can be locked on the shaft easily.

There are three methods of locking bearing to the shafts. Locking with two set-screws in the extended inner ring is the most common method. Adopting sleeve locking or an eccentric locking collar is also available. All these locking methods and lock the bearing on the shaft easily.

Special heat-treatment on bearing inner ring

As shown in the figure 4, the inner ring of the self-contained bearing is hardened in the race-way and surroundings part where hardening is necessary, the area of set screw hole of the inner ring has been templed by high temperature after hardened,it has higher toughness and impact clasticity. This special heat-treatment ensures full bearing performance and prevents the set screws from loosening during operation as the set screws can be tightened hard enough without causing broken inner ring set screw hole.

Unique device to prevent bearing¡¯s outer ring rotation

The bearing outer ring is equipped with a unique locking-pin (or ball) which permits automatic selfaligning of the bearing, and also prevent outer ring from rotating. This can prolong bearing's service life.

Complete interchangeability between bearing and housing

Skilled precision workmanship on the self-contained bearing and the housing provides complete interchangeability between them and the bearing can be easily replaced whenever required.

Easy installation

The self-contained bearing is prelubricated with an adequate quantity of high quality grease. Bearing units can be mounted on the shaft immediately. The units are, therefore, free from ingress of harmful contaminants into the bearing chamber during mounting procedures.

The desiring installation method of installing insert ball bearing unit is: first install the housing at support base firmly, then tighten the bearing to the shaft. The method which the bearing is tightened to the shaft is : for set screws locking type bearing, tightening the two set screws located at two places on one side of the wide inner ring to the shaft. For eccentric locking collar type bearing, rotating the eccentric locking collar to lock the shaft by hand in direction of the rotation. Then tighten the set screw which located at the eccentric locking collar.

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