• Agricultural

    ▏Bearing Solutions for the Agricultural IndustryFUSHI is trusted brand to global industry leaders in agricultural and lawn garden bearing products. FUSHI  is a leading innovator bearings, bringing ...  More>>
  • Electrical

    ▏Bearing Solutions for the Electrical Appliance IndustryIn electrical applications, low noise and vibration are primary considerations in bearing design. To achieve vibrations,FUSHI controls precision, ...  More>>
  • Fluid Industry

    ▏Bearing Solutions for the Fluid IndustryPumps are used in applications that require flow of fluid from one place to another. Typical fluids a pump include water, oil, gas, foods, beverages, among others. ...  More>>
  • Transmission Industry

    ▏Bearing Solutions for the Industrial Transmission IndustryIndustrial includes Gearboxes, PTO, Speed Reducers and Winches. Whether application is running under low, high or mis-aligned loading ...  More>>
  • Material Handling

    ▏Bearing Solutions for the Material Handling IndustryFUSHI's full-line of material handling bearings help to keep your machinery efficient and productive. We offer a full line product offering conveyor, ...  More>>